The REFUEL Experience


1. Can I go through The REFUEL Experience on my own, with my small group/leadership team or as a church-wide campaign?

Yes. You can download all of the resources you will need here The Quick Start Guide included in the package gives basic instructions on how to use the resources.

2. What is included in the download package

REFUEL Download Package

  • 8 REFUEL Sermons for you to adapt for your own sermon series
  • 8 part REFUEL Small Group Study to go through on your own (or with your spouse or a friend)
  • 8 REFUEL: How to Keep Your Tank Full videos to go with each study
  • Full length REFUEL: How to Keep Your Tank Full video (if you prefer to watch the videos in one sitting)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • FAQ’s
  • Promotional materials: email header, bulletin insert, poster, powerpoint slides

3. Where do I get copies of the REFUEL book?

Get your own copy of Refuel by Rob Parkman. For best pricing on print books go to Friesen Press (e-books and other buying options also available here). Everybody needs their own copy of the book.

4. Are there video resources that accompany the study?

Yes. Each week in the small group Bible study there is a short video provided from a live conference setting. Subscribe to receive this content for free


5. Do I need any special training to lead a REFUEL small group?

No. If you are approved by your church to lead a group and you are familiar with the REFUEL book and accompanying resources you are ready to go. If you have not received training in how to effectively lead a small group pleas check in with your pastor for resources that they can provide.

6. Does each member of my small group, leadership team or church need to acquire a copy of the REFUEL book?

To get the most out of the experience each person is encouraged to acquire their own copy.

7. How do we take our church through the church-wide experience?

The 8 week REFUEL Sermon Series will kick-off each week (use the sermon series provided in the download package- adapt it to your context or build your own series). Be sure to use the promotional materials provided to build anticipation for the series.

Each sermon will introduce the congregation to their REFUEL weekly reading. Each sermon will also introduce the congregation members to their REFUEL Small Group Study topic for the week.

Note that the REFUEL Small Group Study corresponds with the weekly readings and sermons, and includes the REFUEL: My Replenishment Strategy Worksheet (this will be the basis of valuable group discussions as small group members think through how they will build patterns of refuelling into their routines going forward).

8. How do I contact the author for information about having him in for a leadership event or weekend service?

Requests can be sent to robparkman [at] live [dot] ca.

9. Where do we get more REFUEL themed material from the author at no cost?

Rob blogs about life and leadership at www.robparkman.com

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